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Film goer. Animation lover. Forever a Nintendo nerd.  When you wrap these media loves up into a musical bundle, that's where I live. Making beautiful worlds for everyone to experience is a team effort, and music is the way I choose to help build that world.  Providing emotional support and propelling ideas from our heads into our hearts is the essence of the job.

I work to make everyone's voice a part of the end result.

There is always more to learn from every project - and every note on the page.



Film Scores

Excerpts from various scoring moments

Video Game Music

Eclectic retro and modern stylings!

Documentary / Reality TV

Music for Trailers, Television, and Library

Orchestral & Ambient

Soft-spoken music with acoustic timbres

Orchestrations & Arrangements


Need music for your project? Have any questions about my work? Feel free to get in touch with me!

Thanks! Message sent.

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